Haven’t blogged for a couple of days. That was because I couldn’t really force myself write posts of 2 lines each. Today though, I can share in short what has been happening in the Masterpiece world that Masha and I leave in.

The vision for our project was created last week. It really helped us align and motivate ourselves for our first week. It mostly organising, planning and setting up all necessary resources: from timelines to expert people for contact. We set milestones and rough deadlines based on user stories and called it a week. Then we came back together today for our next sprint. The goal: As a user I am able to login in the platform and view my profile.
The learning: Do your planning on a Friday and start fresh on Monday. Mondays suck anyways, so planning the whole sprint first thing in the morning was kind of a torture.

Once we finished, the board looked tidy and for us it was clear not only where we want to be on Friday, but also how - which was very relieving. There are several tasks, both frontend and backend, and the strategy for now is to pair for them. Starting today, we deployed a first draft of the app; a canvas, just a white page “Welcome to SkillSpace”. Although it took more time than expected, it was a fun way to practice with the current infrastructure at HC. Not to mention the feeling of this first kick-off - cannot be described! <3

Authentication: we had a couple of alternatives. We took the simplest one that does the job and we still burned some brain cells for that. And if we weren’t pairing and throwing ideas to each other, we would still have the task unfinished. Seems like we implemented everything right, but we made our lives harder and didn’t test some cases. We thought it’d be a loss of time to test them. Turns out we lost time not testing the obvious, but this itself is a learning already. Now that our users can be successfully authenticated, a frontend must be created for the form tomorrow. Next step is to show them something after they login.

All those try and fail efforts created an extra column in the board: Our Learnings. These are things that we can share during dailies and they help us with the documentation process- when documenting decisions.

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